Payment Due MediumCollection Matters and Equipment Lease Litigation. 

When a client or customer fails to pay your business for goods or services rendered, the welfare of your company could be compromised.  Prompt action to collect outstanding debts is essential to protect your bottom line.  As business owners, our clients have asked us to collect on numerous debts, and we have collected millions of dollars of debt for clients.  At Tiedt & Hurd, we are business owners ourselves as well as attorneys, so we understand your concerns. We use quick and aggressive techniques to recover your hard earned money.  If someone owes your business a substantial amount of money, you should call a lawyer and the first law firm you should call is Tiedt & Hurd.

Our belief is that collection problems are best treated immediately before the debtor has a chance to dissipate assets or file for bankruptcy protection.  Our office has developed a collection system involving a pre-litigation, litigation, and post litigation plans.  We use professional asset investigators to determine if the debtor has sufficient funds to pay your debt and, when necessary, we will file a writ or possession or writ of attachment to freeze assets to ensure collection of your debt.

We will provide you with a free consultation to determine whether or not a debt can be cost effectively collected. If we believe that it is not cost effective to collect a debt, we will not do so.  If we do take your case, we will formulate a collection strategy to your approval and then take immediate action to get your money back.

We are particularly knowledgeable about equipment lease litigation. We have litigated matters for leasing companies and equipment suppliers for decades.

Our office has also provide in-house seminars and advice on how to avoid collection problems for a number of clients over the years.  We can guide you on proper protective measures, and prepare the documents necessary to avoid collection problems. But, if you develop a collection problem our office is ready to assist you.

We also defend companies and individuals that have been served with a collection action.  We know the defense strategies and we will be happy to meet with you to discuss how Tiedt & Hurd  can help you.

If you have collection problems, or are yourself facing collection issues, contact the professionals at Tiedt & Hurd.

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