Employment Law

Employment Law

Our Employment lawyers provide day-to-day counseling to employers on a variety of human resource matters, such as sexual and racial harassment and discrimination, exempt/non-exempt classification, and employee hiring, discipline and termination.  We also offer advice in preventing discrimination and harassment claims, and assistance on the preparation of employment manuals and other “HR” materials, counseling clients in an effort to avoid litigation.  But when litigation does arise, we collaborate with our clients to take a creative and aggressive approach toward litigation.  

“An Ounce of Prevention…”

Our simple approach to a successful employment law practice is “prevention first.” As such, Tiedt & Hurd offers assistance to clients in small to mid-size businesses, to address employee “issues” before litigation arises.

Business owners have many concerns over payroll, overhead and shipping that take up much of your time.  “Taking care of business” could lead to overlooking employment issues.  Our belief is that company heads need to address these issues proactively, to assess your compliance with California employment law (largely regarded as one of the more stringent in the Country), update employee manuals, know how to deal with “problem” employees, and manage your compliance with California law in employee related issues. We believe that it is better to head off potential problems before they arise, and to create and maintain policies that foster a professional and harmonious employer-employee relationship. To that end, at Tiedt & Hurd we provide a “preventative medicine” approach that includes general training to supervisors and managers on harassment/discrimination situations, guiding you through overtime and break laws, bolstering compliance with ever-changing rules, and otherwise servicing other potential employee related concerns.

We then provide guidance on an individual “case-by-case” basis, to empower you with the proper tools to deal with employees when issues arise.  By facing these issues before they become actual problems or proceed to litigation, and by applying the “ounce of prevention” approach, your business may avoid or minimize the costs of the “cure” down the road.

Remember, one small mistake by the HR department could have devastating results for the entire company.

Employment Litigation

Tiedt & Hurd primarily represents businesses  and their owners in lawsuits filed by those alleging employment practices violations.  Our Employment Law practice allows us to handle a wide variety of employment cases, including:

  • Discrimination in hiring and promotions
  • Harassment litigation
  • Wrongful termination
  • Employee grievances and arbitration
  • Employment contract litigation
  • Misappropriation of proprietary data and trade secrets
  • Violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act, California Family Rights Act, California Pregnancy Disability Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, etc.
  • Wage and hour issues (including prevailing wage and overtime)
  • Employee privacy issues, including drug testing
  • Complaints filed by employees/former employees with the Fair Employment and Housing Commission, California Labor Commissioner, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Effectively defending your business against employment claims requires early and effective intervention. If you think you have a potential lawsuit on your hands, contact our employment law professionals to guide you through the process.

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