Business Litigation

You worked really hard to build your business. What are you going to do if your business is named in a lawsuit? What will you do when your business is a victim of fraud, unlawful business practices or breach of contract?

When your business is in serious jeopardy, you need to go with a successful and experienced business litigator with a great record and reputation. The principal trial attorneys of Tiedt & Hurd each have over 26 years of courtroom and trial experience. Tiedt & Hurd have won millions and saved millions for their clients. We handle many types of business litigation matters including but not limited to:

  • Breach of contract, lease or license;
  • Fraud or negligent misrepresentation;
  • Unfair or unlawful business practices/false advertising (Business and Professions Code §§ 17200 and 17500);
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets;
  • Shareholder/partnership disputes;
  • Intentional interference with contract; and
  • Disputes with government regulatory agencies.

We are battle tested in the above areas of business law. Attorneys have to be specialists and at Tiedt & Hurd we take cases only within our area of expertise. If your business problem is not in our area of expertise, we will refer you to an appropriate legal expert. Attorneys often forget they are in the service industry. Our goal is to serve your needs, to solve your problem.

A big concern for many clients is the cost of litigation. We have reasonable rates as we do not have the huge overhead of large law firms based in Los Angeles and other major cities. Our retainers are reasonable and when asked we do give estimates of what we believe litigation will cost. We believe that it is imperative that the client is apprised of both the litigation strategy and projected cost to ensure a cost-effective result. The philosophy of the partners at Tiedt & Hurd is to constantly strive for reduced client costs while aggressively pursuing our clients’ interests. Our firm uses effective case management systems to maintain very reasonable legal fees that are generally not available at a larger law firm.

To build a trustworthy relationship with our clients, Tiedt & Hurd will be objective and provide honest opinions and assessments: we will not simply tell you what you want to hear; we will tell you what you must hear. We carefully review cases before we advise whether litigation is appropriate. There are too many cases in the court system that lack merit and will ultimately prove to be a waste of time and money. Before Tiedt & Hurd agree to take your case, we will provide you with an assessment of both liability and damages. We can help you decide whether a case warrants litigation by advising you of the risks, benefits and alternatives to litigation.

Litigation is the pursuit of practical ends, not a game of chess.”

~ Felix Frankfurter (Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, 1939-1962)

Based on our trial record, lawyers know Tiedt & Hurd will go to trial and will be relentless to the end. However, at Tiedt & Hurd, we also believe in creative alternatives to lawsuits. We recognize that litigation has to have an “end-game” and should not be simply an exercise. We believe in prelitigation meetings and mediation to avoid the cost of resolving cases through litigation. Our experience, reputation and loyalty to our clients help to resolve matters before filing litigation.

If you have a business dispute, contact Tiedt & Hurd for a consultation to determine if we are the right firm for you.