Our Attorneys Fight To Combat Medical Fraud

When you have a terminally ill loved one and you are desperate for a cure, unethical individuals or health care facilities can often find a way to take advantage of you by representing themselves as experts. At Tiedt & Hurd, our medical fraud attorneys will advocate for you and help you determine how to proceed if you suspect medical fraud.

We understand how difficult medical fraud can be to detect and fight. Our Corona attorneys at Tiedt & Hurd have years of experience practicing this niche area of law. Our lawyers use a goal-oriented approach to find a legal solution that suits your needs. From our first meeting, we will take the time to listen to your story and help advise you on your next steps.

We Will Hold Fraudulent Medical Providers Responsible

Medical fraud can happen in a variety of ways but occurs when a provider falsely represents themselves as experts or falsely claims they can cure your disease. For example, a physical therapist may claim that they can cure your terminal cancer. They have you pay thousands of dollars for worthless care that does not do what they promised.

Our medical fraud lawyers at Tiedt & Hurd can help you pursue legal action against fraudulent health care providers to recover compensation and hold them accountable. We understand the shock, betrayal and pain you may feel after a trusted provider deceived you. Facing the legal process can feel overwhelming. We will take the time to ask the right questions to understand your goals and concerns before advising you of your options. If your case requires litigation, you can trust our trial attorneys to fight tirelessly for your best interests.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical And Health Care Fraud

Most people are not very familiar with medical fraud. Here are some of the questions our attorneys hear most often:

What is medical or health care fraud?

Medical or health care fraud is a federal crime that happens when a provider, insurer or other party acts in an intentionally deceitful way for personal gain, causing others to suffer as a result. Patients who are victims of health care fraud may undergo unnecessary tests, evaluations and treatments, which can be disastrous for their physical and emotional well-being.

What are some common types of medical/health care fraud?

Here are just a few types of medical fraud we have seen:
  • Identity theft: A patient’s medical identity may be stolen and used illegally to acquire prescriptions or services or submit fraudulent bills and claims to health insurers.
  • Fraudulent billing: A good or service may be billed multiple times with the intent of having a patient pay without realizing the bill was already settled. A patient may also be billed for services and supplies that were never provided or “junk” treatments that have no medical value.
  • False advertisement: In some cases, so-called “medical providers” are not even licensed to practice medicine. Others may practice outside their scope of training, such as a chiropractor offering “cures” for cancer.
  • Modified medical records: A medical provider may alter a patient’s medical records to reflect treatments never given or progress that does not exist.

We have worked with clients who have suffered from many different kinds of medical fraud.

What are some “red flags” for medical fraud?

Some important signals of medical fraud include:
  • Excessive medical tests with no clear explanation as to why they are needed
  • Pressure to undergo unnecessary medical procedures
  • Medical records that do not match the patient’s experiences
  • Quick appointments and rushed consultations without communication
  • Referrals to specialists and facilities without any apparent medical need

Patients often have a hard time spotting health care fraud because they trust their providers to be ethical.

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