Business Transactions

We write and enforce contracts.” ~ John Tiedt.

To be an effective business transaction attorney you need experience. At Tiedt & Hurd, we have that experience, both in and out of the courtroom. We prepare and enforce agreements and know if an agreement will hold up in court. What do we do? Tiedt & Hurd drafts documents necessary to start and operate your businesses. We prepare the documents necessary for the initial business formation, including name reservation, applications for fictitious business name filings, business licenses, articles of incorporation, operating agreements and other related documents.

We also specialize in negotiating and drafting contracts, including but not limited to agreements necessary in financing transactions, manufacturing, distribution and retail sales. We negotiate, draft and review a wide variety of technical agreements including software licenses, IT agreements, and maintenance and support contracts. If there’s an area outside of our expertise, we have a wide list of excellent attorneys who specialize in particular types of agreements. We have drafted a wide variety of contracts involving business sales, stock purchases, security interests, joint ventures, celebrity endorsements, sale of assets, manufacturing, distribution, and licensing products or intellectual property.

Large law firms can charge premium rates for relatively simple transactions. At Tiedt & Hurd, we charge a fair rate based on the specific dictates of the matter and, upon request, we will provide fee estimates. For some projects, we only charge a flat rate. Before investing a substantial amount of your time and money with another associate from a large law firm to handle your business transaction needs, find out if you get more for your money from the experienced partners from Tiedt & Hurd.